A visitor center will be an open door to nature and nature experiences, inform about national parks and nature conservation and create an understanding of the protection of vulnerable habitats and species. We do this by having nature guides that are specially adapted for kindergartens and schools, have various events throughout the year – simply take the people out into nature.


High season:
June 18 to August 8
Every day: at 10.00-20.00

Mid season:

March 26  – June 17 and August 9 – October 10
Monday to Friday at 10.00-15.00
Saturday to Sunday at 10.00-16.00

Low season:
January 4 – March 25 and October 11 – December 10
Tuesday-Friday at 10.00-15.00



Open with activities during the summer holidays, or by appointment.

For more information about news, activities and opening hours, follow on our Facebook page – Besøkssenter Ytre Hvaler nasjonalpark.